jessica matier



Born in South Korea.



Parsons School of Design 


The purpose having art in my life was to answer the many unanswered questions from my childhood. They came in the form of worlds I would create that made sense of all the chaos. Not being able to grasp the complexity of reality I dreamt of a better one on paper. 



Artist Statement


My work explores the balance between nature versus nurture, chaos, and order, and the relationship between the masculine and feminine. Using a combination of landscapes and abstractions, these paintings explore my search for identity and reason through the intersection of memory and the natural world. Sensations of fear, curiosity, and stability are portrayed through layers of mixed media. Solid abstract layers are an attempt to calm the mind among the chaos. Gentle watercolor forms embrace the viewer and offer compassion. The Sumi ink minimizes unnecessary ideas and actions that could otherwise distract the viewer from the pure intentions nature possesses. These visual paradoxes represent my unusual childhood. My paintings help me digest the world, reach above it in order to persist towards goodness while revealing my knowledge of humanity through my personal experiences.

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